I’m Giving Away FREE YouTube Promotion to Everyone! (no catch)

You know what the best YouTube marketing strategy is?
The best way to promote your video for free?? Video ads?
Possibly.. But what about something far more fun, friendly and to the point?
If you want some real YouTube views promotion.. Then promoting a video shouldn’t cost.. Anything!

True video promoting isn’t about spamming people.. It’s about sharing something of real social engagement with the world.. And that, my dear, is what I’m here to do!
If you’re promoting a video then this video is for you. If you’re not trying to find out how to promote video then this video is still a good thing to watch.. Just for the sake that my idea is so fun xD

So what is the best way to promote YouTube videos?
How about a collab (collaboration)? One that’s pretty unique.. Sound good? It should. That.. Actually rhymes.
If you’ve ever done any collabs then hopefully you know already how it works but this time it’s far more simple, far quicker, and far more beneficial than a lot of others out there 🙂
It’s not an instant increaser as such but you should gain a lot of exposure.. So that’s cool huh?

My best YouTube marketing tips include interacting with the YouTube community.. I absolutely swear by it. After all, YouTubers are nothing without viewers!
So I’m helping you get promotion on YouTube with my free YouTube promotion.

Whether you’re promoting your YouTube video or your YouTube channel, promoting your video on YouTube, a collab video has never been so fun!

Get involved, get excited, get Vlogging!


People in this video:

Check out Rob Watson
His singles are on Spotify and iTunes
Amusing World — Rob Watson

What My Dreams Are Made Of — Rob Watson

His YouTube where he does Cover Videos and originals performed by Singer/Songwriter Rob Watson of 185 Studios:
His Fan Page is here:

Music in the video played by Rob Watson

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