Designer Bass FROG FREE Lure Promotion.wmv

Capt Ken Daubert wants all of his Designer Bass FROG Lure customers to have a chance at winning a more expensive and beautiful Designer Bass FROG™. He designed a very Ornate and Fancy FROG named “Queenie” Fudder to give away to a lucky purchaser of the Clone Series of FROGs. Someone who orders a Clone Series FROG from one of the authorized Dealers will Find a Belly Sticker that says— YOU WIN! Signature Series FROG #93 — Contact Ken Daubert — This FROG is an Original Series FROG and it is also registered in the Signature Series DataBase as FROG #93. It is also a unique FROG species, making it the first of its kind and giving it the the rank of #1 of that species. It will always remain #1 of the species. It is an “imaginary species”. It is also an “Attractor Pattern”. Attractor Patterns are usually bright and flashy for those times when “you just have the feeling” that a Monster Bass is looking for an excuse to really— WHACK — something. Even as a Fudder FROG — with hearts & Big Lips you can kiss to thank her — “Queenie” is special with bright colors, glitter & GLOW in the Dark body & spots. Day or night, the bass will not be able to ignore her, especially with those big manicured toes sweeping back & forth in their faces. “Strut your Stuff”, Queenie — “if you’ve got it — flaunt it !”

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