1 FREE VX Brandz EGO CE4 Blister Kit Promotion

Buy 5 Bottles of any 10ml E-Liquid and get 1 Free EGO CE4 Single Blister E-Cig Kit . http://goo.gl/vriXv

Believe it or not we are giving you a free electronic cigarette. All you have to do is purchase 5 bottles of E-Liquid 10ml of Pure Hookah flavors or VX Brandz Flavors in any strength and you can choose any one of the 5 colors of the CE4 Single Blister Starter Kits. We have 15 flavors in 4 different strengths of nicotine. In addition we have 10 flavors of the Pure Hookah Flavors in 2 different nicotine strengths. The colors available in the CE4 Single Starter Kits are: Black, Blue, Pink, Silver, and White. Take advantage of this offer while it is available because it won’t last forever.

E-Cig Information:

The eGo CE4 Provides a Superior “Throat Hit” over the competition. This device is designed for customers who like a strong throat hit but still have good flavor. The clearomizer holds 1.6ml of e-Liquid combined with a 650mah battery will last 8-10 hours between recharges. This device is simple to use and doesn’t leak e-Liquid all over your purse or clothing.
• 1-Clearomizer. Average Life is 3-4 weeks
• 1-650mah Battery: Good for 350 recharges (Usage is 8-10 hours between recharges)
• 1-usb Charger
• Available in Black

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