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People always ask me… what should I do with my Twitter account? I give them the same answer. Build a tribe of raving fans, friends and followers by sharing your ideas, passion and personality in ways that interest, help and entertain them.

The next question is why?

There are lots of reasons. Here’s another one.

Brevity. People are more likely to read something that only takes a few seconds of their time. When you communicate to members of your tribe… you’re only asking them to invest the time it takes to read 140 characters or less.

By comparison, I can’t tell you how many long, boring, and unhelpful emails and letters I get from people trying to communicate with me. I read just enough to determine if I need to read more and in some cases not even that much if they can’t get to the point and tell me what’s in it for me without wasting my time.

If people value what you share and you can do it quickly, then they are more likely to keep reading it and paying attention.

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