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Hey this is H.R from and today we are going to show you to take your music marketing and promotion to the next lever. We will get into the website that we use to grow our twitter fanbase by the hundreds per day.

Like I said in the last video twitter is the #1 spot to market and promote your music and grow a fanbase really really fast and it’s off course free.

Also it’s great for building relationships with music industry people and other artist you can collaborate with.

Now the website that we use to market and promote our music is tweepi this website is a powerhouse to promote and market your twitter account. We are going to use this website to follow and unfollow twitter users.

You might ask yourself why can’t I follow and unfollow twitter users straight from the twitter website. Music marketing and promotion is the key to success in the music industry.

But before we start this strategy we want you guys to be aware that for faster results on how to grow your music fan base on twitter the account must be at least 3 months old and your active marketing your music online.

If your going to create a fanpage after you watch this video and use this strategy, we recommend you start following slowly maybe 50 to 100 every other day and just build from there once your account ages then you can ramp it up.

So like I said the main reason we do music marketing and promotion on this website is to get our music heard.

You don’t want users who don’t follow you back you want people who are interested in your music or our products….

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