How to get 500 Wii points Free! – Wii ambassador promotion

!This will only work if you was on the internet with your wii for the first time in less than 30 days! 1) First I need your wii number. You can find it in the adressbook of the wii message board. Mail your wii number to me ( youtube or ). I also need to know in witch country you are. 2)After I changed country setting on my Wii, I’ll send a message. 3) Then you have to start the Wii Shop Channel. Select Connection Ambassador Promotion. Then select ‘Person who was helped’. Next, you enter my wii number: 0680 4122 2230 3205. Now you have to answer some questions. 4) Mail me when you have done this. Then I will enter your wii number on my Wii and we both will earn 500 Wii points!!

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