Free Paypal money [3rd giveaway promotion! $15!](OPEN)

To qualify in this giveaway, subscribe to this channel and fill out this form:

(subscribing is needed because this is a promotional giveaway not a daily giveaway)

Change: I will pick the winner’s once I get 450 subscribers NOT 650 because 650 seems too much.

Once my channel gets 450 subscribers I will randomly pick a winning form from all the other submitted forms. The winner will receive an email and further instructions will be given so the winner will receive his/her prize.

My paypal email is verified and this is not a scam/ scheme
All your information will be kept private. Goodluck,
Be sure to subscribe to this channel to be updated with new giveaways and the winners!

More information in the website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


1st place. $10

2nd place. $2

3rd place. $1

4th place $0.25

5th place $0.25

6th place $0.25

7th place. $0.25

8th place $0.25

9th place. $0.25

10th place. $0.25

11th place. $0.25

TOTAL: $15

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