Clickbank Promotion – No Website – No List Building

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How to Drive Traffic to Your ClickBank Promotion

Now that you have created your ClickBank promotion, you will now send traffic to view the product. This where you set the tone for real profitability! Large numbers of affiliates will do the hard work of getting their promotion ready and are without a clue as to how they are going to get people to see the offer! Yes, this is a critical stage of building your online business.

In fact many marketers find this part of the promotion process rather distasteful. The benefits to be gained from all this could dwarf the frustrations and labor involved. Article marketing is one excellent way to secure free traffic to your promotions.

You could write an article about the product you are promoting and send it to many article directories online that in turn publish these all over the internet. When people read your article, if they like what they read they will eventually land on your website to see what is offered.

You can also send traffic to your website by using social bookmarking sites. This is done by placing your website and product links on these sites creating backlinks and have traffic coming to your site this way. A few of these bookmarking sites are Digg and Delicious plus many more.

You could also use the social networking sites like Twitter and network with people of like mind in your particular niche. This method is quite effective since you only communicate your product information to targeted prospects.

Using PPC or Google adwords is another marketing tool you can use to get targeted traffic to your site. This is not really for the new un-informed marketer, since you could lose a lot of money quickly, but once you learn how it works and then do it the right way, you could be successful in a very short period of time.

Generating traffic to your site cannot be left to chance if you want to be profitable. There must be a well thought out plan of action to achieve over the course of time. So, to get started on the path to traffic nirvana, get all the training, guidance and products available to assist your traffic building efforts and then unleash this traffic onto your ClickBank promotion and marketing efforts.
How To Promote Clickbank Products Without Any List Building
How To Promote Clickbank Products Without a website
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