Brisbane SEO Company on Why Cheap Web Promotion SEO Services Cost You Money!

Brisbane SEO Company on Why Cheap Web Promotion SEO Services Cost You Money!

How many times in your personal have you purchased something purely on the price tag alone? I did it recently with a TV, bought a cheap brand and within a few weeks, got rid of it and bought a decent, well built one (at more than double the price mind you). It is very rarely that you get a real bargain for cheap and not get a rip off. Most often cheap goods and services do not just have the quality to make it worth our while. The same goes with search engine optimization services (SEO), going cheap will not get you the results you want and we tell you why.

In this week’s SEO update, I tell you why going for the cheapest or focusing purely on price alone may be the most expensive decision that you could ever make marketing your livelihood which is your business.

Yes I agree, the “Cost” of an item or service, when it comes to anything you look at, is of course an important consideration. The reason it is of paramount importance is because you want to get a return on your investment and value for your money. However when it comes to getting your business out there and noticed for branding, sales and lead generation, going cheap is fraught with danger. Getting that cheap deal, could hurt your reputation online and will probably be the greatest expense that you have.

How many time has a customer walked in to your business and said to you, “I thought I would try the cheaper brand and it didn’t work, so now I have come to you to do it right”?

Have you ever heard of the saying “buy cheap and buy twice”? The silly thing is that many business owners are willing to take this risk over and over again. “I’ll just go with the cheapest SEO guy I can get and if things don’t work out, no big deal as it was cheap”.

Two things now happen, because the “cheap guy” didn’t get results, the business owner now has a dim view of the magic voodoo of marketing online. Second, when it come to finding a new partner to market that business, doing a good job can then incur a higher cost to clean up the shoddy work done in the past. This is something that I hear quite a lot. And I am going to explain why that could be a very bad decision.

Following on from the Google Panda and Google Penguin updates, you have to work much harder to place content out there and more so to earn quality links back to your site. The hand crafted SEO standards that we employ here at Stealth iMarketing are no longer a nice to have, they are our standard! This includes hand researched content, quality hand produced videos, PDFs, info graphics, articles and guest blogging. We believe that these work habits are all an absolute must have. As is submitting that content by hand, on hand curated websites.

Web Promotion done this way requires a lot of expense and a lot of resources; I should know, our team here is growing. SEO and web promotion done this way is just not available to your average provider. Partly due to the expense and partly due to thinking they can take short cuts to get your work done. Your average provider without this type of resource will have to go to places like to acquire links or to place content, or even worse, use link building farms where you can get thousands of backlinks for just a few dollars. The trouble with this is that Google does detect unnatural link patterns and they do penalize you within the search results or if the pattern is boarding on dodgy Google will de-index you (unlist your site) from the search results completely.

As Google is the dominant search engine with over 65% of the search marketplace, you and your business really do not want that to happen! Just ask many of the top sites that disappeared from the Google search engines when penguin was released.

What happens if Google penalize your site or de-index it? It means rebuilding your website. At worst case scenario this will mean scrapping your old site AND domain name and having to start fresh with a new website (costing $1000′s), using new hosting and starting your SEO and web promotion from scratch, again at many thousands ($1000′s) if not tens of thousands ($10,000′s) of dollars’ worth of expense, delay and lost profits to your business. This is exactly why going “cheap” can come at the greatest expense to you. And while you should choose a provider who’s got internal resource to create hand quality content placed on hand created quality websites in a manner that Google favor. This is perhaps the reason why you should choose Stealth iMarketing to partner with your business.

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