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Are you ready for me to promote YOUR book or film?

Hello! Are you an author or filmmaker looking to bring your creation to the next level? Well then look no further!

As an award-winning filmmaker, author, journalist, and college film professor, I know the difficulties involved with trying to gain the audience you need to get people talking about your work. And that’s why I’m here to help!

I love discovering new work, usually because it’s fresh in perspective, free from all the formulaic corporate-tinkering that besets the new artist, or the unreasonable expectations that can be laid upon the seasoned pro. But the reality is, I only have the same number of hours in my day as the next guy, so I have to charge for my time.

I decided that since quality is always better than quantity, I’ll read your book or watch your film, and then share it with the world. Whether your creation is a 30 page ebook or a four-hour operatic film epic, it’s only fair for me to charge one standard price for my time. Rather than try to pro-rate this process, I’m going with one single-charge:

For a one-time fee of $147 (which you’re guaranteed to get back within 30 days — I’ll get to that in a minute) I’ll delve into your work, and then provide my educated-feedback in the form of a video review, and as a written review posted to sites that matter most to browsing readers, such as,, Smashwords, and; my search-engine optimization team will then make sure your video review pops-up at the top of Google listings for keywords specific to your project.

The fee is merely for my time, but as I said, because I believe “the cream isn’t always ALLOWED to reach the top” because of today’s commercial glut and multi-corporate strategy, I want to be your promoter of sorts, helping the world to see what’s so great about YOUR fresh new voice!

Just click here to get started:

Once payment is made, please submit either a digital file (pdf for books, .avi, .mov, or weblink for video) to monsterofmud (at) hotmail. (dot) com, or send a hard-copy (DVD should be Region 0 or 1) to:

Mr. Damon Blalack, 2401 Tall Oaks Trail, Edmond, OK 73025

Within 48 hours I’ll not only fully-engage in your film or book, but will also have a response video and written review published at the top of Google results pages within 7-8 days, which I’ll happily share with your growing audience (also be sure to inquire about multiple-reviews services, as well as title and package set-up if you’d like your work professionally-published)! It’ll be a pleasure meeting your work!!

MY GUARANTEE: If you don’t make back your $147 investment within 30 days of my reviews going live, I’ll refund your cost. But I’ve never had to yet do this, as my promotion helps you to sell your work in a regular and engaging matter! If you’re not satisfied after 30 days, simply let me know and you’ll receive an immediate refund, WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED!! Either way, you’ll have an informed video and written review turning up in top Google page results that’ll highlight all that is unique about your own creation, primed to find an appreciate audience among the millions of potential new eyes seeing mention of your work.

Thank you for this opportunity!

-Damon Blalack

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