The App Code free webinar for The App Code website seo internet promotion bulkping Movie

The App Code free webinar for The App Code website seo internet promotion bulkping Movie The App Code

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See in The App Code short review below what Amish Shah will show you :

– How to pick the right categories for your apps before you begin.
– How to setup your iTunes, Android and Windows marketplaces the right way.
– How to select an app name the correct way–which is what 99% of marketers get backwards. This is a key step of The App Code.
– Basic and advanced SEO strategies so people can easily find and purchase your app!
– How to design basic graphics for your Apps.
– How to build your 1st app for free! This is a must in The App Code.
– Basic monetization strategies that Amish learned and will propel you to the next level when entering the app marketplace.
– How to “smart test” your apps so you know what works and what doesn’t.
– How to build your next 4-5 apps completely free of charge and let’s accelerate The App Code process.
– All the steps and secrets you need to get your apps ready to be submitted into the Application Markets.
– The “no-holds-barred” approval process and how to get approved by all 3 developers 99% of the time. Thanks to The App Code learning curve
– The “paint by numbers” guide you must follow to take after your apps are approved.
– What to do if your app is NOT approved and how to get it back in good standing with Android, Apple and Windows. (this is not common thanks to The App Code strategies).
– How to successfully start building up your own app network.
– What to do when you start making money. Good question!
– How to look at your stats and data so you know exactly what you’re doing right and the areas in which you need to improve so you can start hauling in a King’s ransom.
– How to expand your App Network and scale up your business into a higher tax bracket.
– Custom editions to your applications they can turn losers into winners and winners in the rock stars. Hey! This one of The App Code secret.
– Instantly motivate and reward your audience to download more of your apps and give you more money.
– Amish Shah’s secret “App Upgrade” method.
– How to piggyback off other apps

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