HubShout is The Only SEO Reseller With A Press Team

Things have changed in the world of content marketing. What worked several years ago isn’t passing Google’s guidelines today, and what works today might be outdated for tomorrow. For this reason, Hubshout now offers press team services so everything is legit! We’re US Based with an in-house press team and in-house writers–we can do what other resellers can’t!

Our press team services include business quote pieces, features news articles, and press releases. Business quotes allow us to place a client quote in an industry-related news story, and press releases note company events and news, which are then submitted to press release websites. For our featured news articles, we connect businesses to timely news stories, and pitch these articles to legitimate online publishers.

Press releases are an important part of ensuring maximum value for customers when it comes to making sure that their content is promoted throughout the web, and receiving a wide audience. Press releases are important for SEO because they help to generate traffic and establish inbound links on authoritative sites. Press releases that go through PRWeb typically come up in the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Why does Hubshout use press releases as part of our overall content marketing campaign? Even though it can be more challenging to set up a press release process that connects Hubshout to the end-client, we recognize that the value of having a press release can’t be ignored. For this reason, we use a white-labeled press team system in order to produce quality press releases.

Our representatives are available without appointment 9am-6pm EST, and instead of relying on questionnaires — which often ignore the meat of the news — we conduct personalized interviews. Our press team represents itself as part of the SEO reseller press team in order to ensure that the process remains white-labeled.

Watch this webinar to learn more about our outbound press release process, how we process requests and edits for press team content, our featured news process, our business quote process, and more.

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