Dennis Brown – Real Love – *RARE WHITE LABEL* – Buzz fm Manchester

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Taken from the year of 1989 is this rare white label release from the legend of Reggae/Dancehall – Mr. Dennis Brown.

The track was distributed in July 1989 to DJ’s across the UK, and instantly became a massive underground hit on the pirate station’s in Manchester, including I.C.R. fm and Laser fm and on pirate station’s across the rest of the UK.

The track is away from the usual style of Dennis’ reggae roots, as this was aimed at the “street soul” end of the market, and rumors at the time said that the track was produced and mixed by one half of London’s Soul to Soul – Nellie Hooper – but this was never confirmed or denyed by the record company.

In the end, the track never got a release – even though the feedback was good – and thus became a massive underground tune.

Copies of this rare and deleated track – if you can find one – now change hands for as much as £30.00 on the net!

Dennis Brown sadly passed away in 1999. R.I.P.


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