WordPress Speed Tools – White Label PLR Videos Volume 08


Every ounce of work you put into your WordPress site can easily be a total waste of time if your site is slow to load in your visitors browser.

If your WordPress site is not optimized for today’s browsers then every bit of time & money you put into your SEO or killer sales copy or your sites content is just as good being flushed down the toilet.

I don’t mean to be a Debby Downer but if your site is not optimized for speed then you are losing visitors which means you are losing customers which means you are losing money.

On top of that terrible news, Google will bury you to the dark side of the search results if your site loads slowly.

The white label plr video set, volume 08 takes the techieness out of solving the slow load problem.

Volume 08 takes you by the hand and walks you step-by-step through each of these 11 videos on Optimizing your WordPress site for faster loading in your visitors browser.

These 11 videos are independent from one another so they are a perfect fit for any consulting or training related content you want to pair them with. You can use them as content for your web sites or resell them for 100% profit – even sell them with master resell rights for an even greater offer to your customers.

Add these search-engine loving videos to your web sites – resell them for 100% profit or use them to give away as bonuses or list building.

For an even greater offer, combine some or all of these with other White Label PLR Video Volumes.

For example in Volume 03 http://whitelabelplrvideo.com/volume-03/ there are videos on setting up and securing your WordPress site – what a combo these would make.

Remember you are receiving the source files so you can edit these videos any way you see fit for an even more unique offer to your clients and customers.

For help with editing your videos, there is a 50 plus minute step-by-step video guide inside the members area that demonstrates several video editing ideas and tips. And if you have any questions I’m just an email away.

Thank you again for your interest in my videos.

– Steve Dougherty

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