How to Mobile SEO & Mobile Landing Page Overview | Create Mobile SEO Landing Pages

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Some of the topics include:

– New Platform Enhancements
– Overview of mobile SEO
– Google’s best practices
– Why Mobile SEO is different
– How to find the mobile opportunity for your clients
– The importance of review sites
– The anatomy of an effective mobile landing page
– How to integrate autoresponders
– Live demo and Q+A

Why is Mobile SEO Important?

With Google owning over 95% of all search engine traffic it’s never been more important for you to understand how to properly optimize your mobile site according to Google’s best practices.

Many partners from all over the world have been asking me how to create mobile websites that rank higher on Google, ultimately driving more traffic and business for their clients.

By taking a bit of time to properly optimize your mobile site for SEO will help you drive more organic search traffic for your clients’ businesses.

Many misconceptions and confusion regarding Mobile SEO will be addressed during this call… so I am extremely excited to share some of my personal tips, tricks and strategies with you!

How to build High-Converting Mobile Landing Pages

Did you know that you can easily build a mobile landing page or lead gen form using our Mobile CMS with a few clicks?

Mobile landing pages are a great way to generate leads for your clients using innovative mobile marketing strategies.

It’s absolutely critical that you set up your mobile landing pages effectively to maximize leads and conversions for your clients.

Our Mobile CMS makes it EASY to build high converting mobile landing pages that turns traffic into leads, with no coding required.

Advanced features like autoresponder and CRM integrations makes our mobile landing pages a powerful lead generating tool which can help drive more business for your clients using mobile.

If you’re interested in learning innovative ways to leverage our Mobile CMS for your clients, then do not miss this exclusive educational webinar available only to partners of brick&mobile.

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