Mobile Website Builder White Label – Rebrand, Manage And More

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In this video we walk you through Mobelio’s mobile website builder white label program. If you are looking to reseller mobile websites or for a mobile website creator that you can rebrand and white label for your own clients and service offerings, we have the perfect solution for you.

Watch the video above for a walkthrough of how our white label mobile website builder platform works, how easy it is to setup and how it can help you when reselling and offering mobile website design under your own brand.

Mobelio White Label Overview

Mobelio white label allows you to fully white label and rebrand our mobile website building CMS platform and technology. This enables you to build your own mobile websites, under your brand and resell to your own clients.

A few of the key features include…

1. The ability to create mobile websites for your own clients under your brand.
2. Full white label solution (your own branded platform on your domain).
3. Ability to have auto subscription inside your customer accounts linked to Paypal.
4. Ability for your clients to register for their own account.
5. All features currently built into our main Platform.
6. Every feature you need to create mobile website for any business.
7. Ability to display your own social media and blog feeds inside each client account (great for advertising other services).
8. Free updates. (As we add more features, you get them within your white label account free too)
9. Fast and reliable support.
10. Unrivalled pricing structure.

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