Part 5: Interpreting Visitor Flow In Google Analytics

This one part of Google Analytics is my favorite. The Events Flow and Visitors Flow shows you the movement of a user across your site as determined through clicks. It tells you through-traffic which is the number of viewers who continue to click through the site after landing on a page — as well as drop off points where users end the viewing session.

Take this analysis with a grain of salt — especially when you notice people are dropping off after only two page visits. It could be that your site was designed so well that you sold the viewer right then and there and they requested more information. Done and dusted.

Having said that, you also have to analyze your drop off points. If people are dropping off at the contact form page without EVER submitting anything, well then you might have a problem. Go back to your contact form and see what’s wrong with it. Is there an error attached to submission? Is the form just plain ugly? Or, are you asking for information that’s much too detailed for a first contact? Some food for thought.

Emily Chow explains how businesses can use the Visitor Flow and Events Flow in Google Analytics to adjust their marketing strategy for optimal lead generation.

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