“How can I Track Visitor Conversions Easily on Google Analytics?” by grovo.com | @Grovo

“How can I Track Visitor Conversions Easily on Google Analytics?” by grovo.com | @Grovo
Track visitor conversions.

A URL destination goal is a page on a website that you designate as the final step in converting a user such as a ‘thank you for subscribing’ page or a receipt for a purchase.
Sites generally use URL destination goals to track conversions or sales within Google analytics. When a visitor reaches a URL destination goal you indicate, Google Analytics records that visit as a conversion.
To create a goal destination, navigate to the “Goals” tab in the “Admin” menu, click “Goal” and type a name for your goal. Make the goal active, select “URL Destination” and type the Goal URL you enter below.
If you enter the full Goal URL, which includes the “http://” portion of the address, select “Regular Expression Match” from the menu below; otherwise, type the directory information that follows your site’s root domain, such as “/home” by itself and select “Exact Match” or “Head Match”
Use Exact match for specific, singular pages that you want to target.
Use Head match if this is just the start of a longer, dynamic URL string or if you want to track multiple pages within a sub folder.
Indicate whether the goal URL is case sensitive, then provide a goal value. Your goal value should be an estimated percentage of sales you’d expect to close from a visitor reaching that goal. For example, if your goal is a signup or login page, the goal value should be the percentage of users you expect to eventually become a paying user or to make a purchase after logging in.
Click “Save” when you’re finished, or “Cancel” to exit the process.

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