Surrey Local Business Directory – visitor site video tour

Surrey Local Business Directory – visitor site video tour –

A great selection of Surrey local business can be found at Surrey Local Business Directory – Cobham KT11 1BQ

We are excited that you have stopped by and taken time to watch this short but comprehensive video tour of “Locate” the Surrey Local Business Directory.

We have created this video tour to make it a little bit easier for you to understand the workings, navigation, featured business listing profiles and the GEo targeted keyword and Google Map location search boxes.

What makes the Surrey Local Business Directory different to any other local business directory?

The Surrey Local Business Directory is unique… as it is built using.. the latest Geo SMART Search technology– a Business Search Google Location Map based on keyword, location and category. This GEO Google Map is fully interactive and soon as a visitor clicks onto any one of the icons and it will quickly reveal a featured business profile, video, reviews and gps direction finder too bring the customer right business owner’s front door .. (we will go into a little more detail of this feature a a couple of mins)

This makes this an ideal platform for all local Surrey business owners and Surrey local contractors to promote their business services or products to Surrey customers and local residents.

Further to this there is also a comprehensive Surrey business directory of local businesses and we hope the navigation tools will help you enjoy your experience while on the site……. .

So, whatever you need be it a local locksmith, roofers, gardening services, plumbers, hairdressers, dry cleaners, heating, baby care , dentists, car servicing, restaurants, too hotels or any other local business type.

We truly hope you will find that business you need right here.

The Surrey Local Business Directory is also part of the largest Virtual online Local Shopping Mall in Surrey — the Surrey Shopping Mall which has three online virtual floors is split over three sites which houses over 200 national brand shops and 100,000?s of products.

Featured Business listings can be found on the home page such as examples
Best value Italian Restauarants, Best value British Restaurants, Best value Family Hotels, Best value Business hotels and various other categories.

Let’s take a look at the Geo Google map interface

The Geo Google map has various Google Map parameters exactly like the Google Map search you may be used to. such as Google driving directions, ground-level 360-degree view of streets, public transportation routing, saerchable interface searchable interface, walking directions, bird’s-eye view in real time positioning markers.

Google’s little draggable pedestrian smarter directions
draggable zoom plus to minus , quickest way to your destinations, look at the street view with photos, when you’re ready to go, directions are a click away. once you decide on your destaination, the Geo Google Map direction finder will help you figure out the best way to get there, chose to drive by car, take public transit – which is either bus or train or even walk

The Featured Business listing

A pop up GET DIRECTION search box provides the quickest way to your choosen local businesses front door – like say present location Woking GU21 1GQ – as you will see here it gives a detailed GPS directions – plus a route map highlighted in blue. If you drag Google’s pedestrian to the business location it will show a street view with photos you can zoom in and out plus rotate. close off with the marked X to return to the the map interface.

The Featured business listing

All featured business listing have a Plus Box

Besides the featured business listing there are hundreds of listed businesses can be found under the Business Directory heading – these listings will continue to grow with new ones.

Feature Plus Box where you have the option to either find out more information of the feautured business listing or get directions

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Surrey Local Business Directory visitor site video tour

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