TAG2nd Music Business Tips – Best Social Media Marketing to new fans


TAG2nd Music Business Tips – Best Social Media Marketing to new fans by populating sites with content and something to see before opening the doors. Another LW Music Business Consultant, Speaker & Author Music Biz Blog Video.

So I guess we are adding TAG2nd music business tips to the video series. Haha. For those unaware, there is a site at: http://themusicbusinessbook.com where you can see the adventures of the advanced reader copy of TAG2nd ARC or The Artists Guide to Success in the Music Business, 2nd Edition Advanced reader copy as it travels around and prepares for its release. So now we are adding the idea of TAG2nd Music Business Tips to the mold too.

For the TAG2nd video tip of today, it is all about the best social media marketing and promotion steps to take when you are first launching a social media site and the best way to get new fans.

The problem is that once you open or start up one of these sites and ask for new fans to like, follow, or friend you, when you have nothing up there, you really aren’t deliver the best social media or social media marketing to push your music, your brand or your page.

Put up some tweets on a twitter page that lead to some videos on a YouTube page or posts on a Facebook page or pictures shared on a Pinterest page. Give a fan a little taste of what you are about and give them an actual reason to like you. Other wise you are telling people to like something they don’t even know about on a page where nothing is up to capture or maintain their interest.

Populate your pages, give them content and give those new fans and old fans a reason to follow you.

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