Social Media Marketing : Are You Engaging Correctly? – Social Media Agency | You’ve decided to jump in with both feet. It may have taken you a while but now you’re ready to take on this social media craze and make it work for your business.

You’ve been Tweeting and Facebooking but now you’re convinced that social media doesn’t work…well my friend, 1 Billion people can’t be wrong!

So you’ve set up your Twitter account, You have your Facebook page (your business page that is…we’re not talking about your personal profile here…that doesn’t count), You’ve got your foursquare account configured and maybe..just maybe you’ve opened a YouTube account and you’re ready to tackle making some videos. And let’s not forget Google Plus.

But it’s not working for you…maybe this is why…

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“Social Media Marketing doesn’t work”
“Social Media Marketing doesn’t work for businesses”

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