Social Media Conversions – Music Marketing online for maximum effect.

Social Media Conversions – Music Marketing online for maximum effect. An LW Music Business Consultant, Speaker & Author Music Industry Blog Video.

Musicians get to wrapped up in the idea of likes, views, shares and tweets instead of the social media conversions to true fans, sales and attendance at shows. Too many artists for some reason think music marketing consists of getting a certain amount of likes, views or plays and then magically this will in turn become money.

Marketing online for the maximum effect comes down to creating, tracking and following your social media conversions. Get out of the mind set of focusing your whole social media promotion campaign on just asking for likes, shares and views. It has to be mixed with the content to promote people to want to buy the song, the merchandise or the albums. Fresh, consistent and regular content that is well optimized to create strong music marketing for older product as well as introducing new product in a way that is not over done and over-saturated.

A great deal of the consults I deliver as a music business consultant often are brought back to social media promotion and the most effective ways to build an audience. While some artists take the approach of seeing certain numbers as benchmark, they get lost, forget about social media conversions to sales and then feel happy off 20, 000 views with only a couple sales. They even get to the point where they put most of their ask or call to action approach in bringing up the numbers instead of bringing up the sales.

Think about what you are posting and why you are posting it. Think about your social media conversions and how you are music marketing for the maximum effect to draw in the views, plays and likes that lead to the sales, the fans and the attendance.

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