Social Media Advertising Marketing – SocialBirth Website

Social Media Networks as a Marketing Tool.

SocialBirth has a number of accurate and direct ways to target your full potential promotion on Facebook.

We have already serverd :

– Over 150,000 Facebook Likes for over 1700 Facebok Business pages added to our advertising network;

– Over 100,000 Facebook Photo likes for over 300 promotional images added by advertisers to our network.

– Over 25,000 Urls shared on Facebook by SocialBirth members. These urls were part of Advertisers websites and this is one of the best methods to aquire traffic from Facebook to a specific websites because actually Facebook users leave Facebook and visit your website if one of their best frieds recommends it.

– Over 8,000 Facebook followers or subscribers to Advertisers Facebook accounts. The many subscribers you have the higher reliability and reputation your Facebook profile. Use SocialBirth to boost your subscribers number now.

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