7 Social Media Marketing Trends Shaping 2013 /// Allegorie Design by Mike Roberts

7 Trends: Branded Entertainment, Social E-commerce, Video as Important Tomorrow as Websites are today, a Customer-Centric Marketing focus, Gamification, social search and a shift back to user-paid content, and a post-Facebook dominated social media world.

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Detailed Description:
The digital world has never changed as quickly as it does now, forcing businesses of all sizes to look at the bigger trends to see what needs to be done today to prepare to compete in tomorrow’s marketplace. As a trend-spotting specialist, Mike Roberts will break down 7 of the most pressing and widespread social media trends that are changing the way small business is done. He’ll build a conceptual framework and then drill down into actionable takeaways for each trend.

Trend 1: Branded Entertainment Overtakes Traditional, Disruptive Advertising
Advertising that effectively pushes brands while serving as entertainment will replace the disruptive advertising that is common place today. Disrupting the content that consumers want to see with an ad is not nearly as effective as seamlessly embedding the ad in the content they do want to see and actually go searching for.

Trend 2: Social E-commerce
There is a growing opportunity for e-commerce sites to capitalize on embedding social to drive purchases.

Trend 3: Social Search and A Shift Back to User Paid Content
Google search put many content producers out of business by systematically giving away their content for free, but this model isn’t sustainable and will shift back to a paid model in many content categories.

Trend 4: Online Video Tomorrow as Important as Websites Today
Imagine a business successfully competing today without a website. When looking at key indicators, it is clear that it will be just as hard to compete without an online video presence tomorrow.

Trend 5: Customer Relationships First, Social Channel Last
Investing in specific channels, building follower numbers and not relationships, and counting on ‘Likes’ to drive your business is leaving your business at risk and leaving money on the table.

Trend 6: The Rise of Social Gamification
Gamification is the missing piece to engage your customers for a fraction of the cost of alternatives. It’s all the rage for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike.

Trend 7: Social Media After Facebook
The walls preventing social sharing between social channels will start to fall the way the walls preventing surfing to any website or sending email to any other email fell.

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