7 Steps to a Social Media Strategy | Social Media Marketing

7 Steps to a Social Media Strategy | Social Media Marketing

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Understanding Why? you are wanting to use Social Media Marketing for Your Business, What are your Goals, What do you want to Achieve How best are you going to implement these steps, Do you need assistance, What training do you have and what do you need to learn?

These are all foundation questions to start to build your Social Media Strategy, Many business owners tell me that they are doing find on Facebook (for example) because they have over 1000 likes…. I say “So What” how much money is your Facebook page making you… the answer I get is “Huh” I dont understand…

Then I might say

How many people contact your business from your Facebook page?

Guess What response I normally get “Huh?” that’s right.. many business owners do not have a strategy to work with, they dont understand the power of social media marketing and building a successful strategy will determine your success, today and in 5 years from now.

To take the first step – you need to establish your Why, What and How? simple really when you think about it. Understand and plan your goals for social media.

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