What is Social Media? Social Media Statistics Marketing Video


What is social media? Check this youtube video on social media statistics. Information on social media. Truths about changing social media networking. A lot of information about social media blog and LinkedIn for business. Available social media marketing courses. New social media and marketing info. Revolution on media and marketing.

Why should you start using Social media marketing? Help you succeed in starting a new business or managing existing one. Learn important strategies on how to effectively use social media and marketing to expand your business and stay on top of today’s ever changing technology, media, and marketing. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, youtube, blogs all are used to market in todays society. Learn to use tools and increase impact and presence.

About The Social Media Boot Camp and Certification Programs

Complete your Social Media University Marketing training in an exclusive 3-day, 9 class Business Sucess Program in Miami, Palo Alto, Orlando, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and other U.S. Cities plus live online.

Master Social Media Marketing. Learn what is Social Networking and Social Media (SM), Social Book Marking (SB), Blogs, Microblogs and how to effectively use Google, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, blogs, Social Media Press Releases and other social media tools to build a powerful online brand and effectively market your business and increase your sales.

The Social Network is the powerful New Media and the best, most cost-effective way to market your business! Learn Social Media Marketing in a concentrated, intensive and efficient way to learn what is Social Media and Social Media Networking.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion for Social Media University – Social Media Marketing Intensive from New Media, New Marketing, Inc. and Doral Chamber of Commerce.

Benefits of attending the South Florida Social Media University
– Increased web site ranking on Google and other search engines!
– Increased traffic to you web site resulting in increased qualified leads and clients!
– Increased visibility of your business online resulting in more customers finding you before they can find your competitor!
– Increased online and offline marketing knowledge which will result in better advertising, more efficient advertising expenditure, increased results from those efforts and increase in traffic, sales and profits!
– Peace of mind knowing that your web site designer is building your web site the way it should be done and that you are saving you time and money!
– Be ahead of your competition and stay ahead by using Social Media tools efficiently and effectively to get new leads, prospects and clients!
– Save time and money by accomplishing more in less time using Social Media!
– Save time and money with improved performance of your business operations and a reduction of your marketing expenditures!
– Enhance your resume and job skills
– Start a Social Media Marketing or Internet Marketing Business

What you will learn at the South Florida Social Media University:
– What is Social Media, Social Bookmarking, Blogs and Microblogs
– Social Media Marketing tools to increase traffic, get ranked higher & increase profits
– How to save time and money using Social Media
– How to increase your company’s visibility and be found online
– How to position yourself on the internet as the one to use
– How to know what your clients are doing and what people are saying about you
– How to be found or seen on the internet
– How to determine which SM and SB sites to use
– What tools are available and how they are used to drive traffic
– What is the best strategy to use with Social Media and Search Engine Optimization
– How to save money when building a web site and not get scammed
– How to make extra money with your increased web site traffic
– How to use basic offline and online marketing to increase traffic, visibility and profits
– How to determine the best Social Media strategy for your business success
– How to leverage all the Social Media tools to increase profitability!
– Learn how to add value to your services and make a real profit


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